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A NurtureShoot is motherhood documentary photography.

Photographs of you taking care of your babies: Fixing them a meal, wiping their faces, wrestling, laughing, dancing. Reading them a book, getting them dressed, creating art, playing a game, doing a puzzle, snuggling on the couch, talking, hugging, whispering and loving.

Every NurtureShoot is different. Each one has its own beauty and rhythm. Each one is sincerely remarkable. You don't have to suddenly turn into a "fun" mom, one that smiles 24 hours a day and is endlessly creative. Just be yourself. Your children love you just the way you are.

Sometimes I get so down on myself as a mother. What good am I? How many millions of things have I done wrong today? My heart breaks for all the other mothers out there who feel the same way. I want to give you this, to show you that there is beauty and grace and perfection in the daily things you do for your children...