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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today is Launch Day!

MyMatilda: Nurture | Life. --- Documentary photography for mothers and others.

I have worked on this project for a few months now, and I'm excited to finally be open for business!

MyMatilda provides two types of sessions: Nurtureshoot and Lifeshoot.

Nurtureshoot: (two hours of photography) Centered around every-day home life. I specialize in natural shots (I give limited direction). I photograph you as you take care of your children, do homework, read to them, cook for them, hug and kiss them, get them dressed, do their hair. The results are astounding. Pieces of art are created. Women are changed. Proof is present that motherhood is absolutely stunning in its beauty and grace.

Lifeshoot: (three hours of photography) Centered around a life event. I specialize in Birth and Graveside photography, both of which are sacred and private events. I come with sensitivity intact. My life has been changed from receiving these types of shoots, and I understand the importance of having these events documented well.

MyMatilda offers very unique products including collages on gallery wrap canvas, custom-designed leatherbound books printed on fine quality photographic material. Single prints and digital images are also available.

I invite you to be a part of this... and spread the word! If you have questions, ask away. 

About MyMatilda:

My own Matilda was born my fourth daughter. Bright and lovely, she opened her eyes. She took my breath away, and the priceless photographs that were taken showed me my power and presence. But what about the following weeks and months? In my home that I love, with my family that I love. I wanted more documentation, more proof that my everyday life was nothing less than timeless beauty.

So I set out to fix this.

I document your treasury... your life. This validation will change you, rendering you finally aware of your life story's goodness and value. The toil that goes without notice or reward. Your face as you gaze uninhibited on your loved ones. That is the height of beauty. That one glance that says wisdom, heartbreak and ultimate happiness. The curtain falls and there you are, real.

That's all I ask.


Ali Wade said...

You are truly an amazing artist! The sites are beautiful and the photography stunning!! Congratulations, Utah is so blessed to have you!

vicky said...

Sarah, I just love it! You are so talented!