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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Loveland Funeral.

A funeral service is so emotionally charged. There is so much love, along with sadness. The day is devoted to a family's loved one. It's all they think about, talk about, feel. There is a finality... as well as plenty of tangible hope.


Team Bowers said...

I wish you could be at every major moment in my life. But since a lot of them have all ready happened, can you be at my funeral and take pics?? :) You are SO talented!!

poops, lovies and boogs said...

These are really beautiful Sarah. They got me choked up and I don't even know any of these people. Especially the picture of the woman looking into the casket with all the children around her. Her face shows it all sinking in. Amidst all the children, she's having a moment with the man who passed away. It's really beautiful.

Emily said...

You are amazing! Thanks again. We will cherish these forever.

Autumn said...

These are amazingly beautiful photographs. You captured the emotion in the moment so perfectly. These pictures moved me to tears. So amazing.